Trauma Relief: Tapping in the Emergency Room

We have the hurricane trauma here on the East Coast, and the conflict trauma in the Middle East.  It reminds me of the times my mom landed in the hospital, once for a car accident and more than once for medical events.  

We rushed to the emergency room.  Since there are lots of people coming and going, I was sensitive to her need for privacy.  Tapping on the hands was less invasive than tapping on the face.  So I tapped on her hands and we just talked about whatever came to mind.

Here is how we tapped:

  • We alternated ‘gamut points’.  I tapped a few times on her right gamut point, and then a few times on her left one.   We went back and forth, tapping on alternating right and left gamut points.
  • Once or twice, I tapped on her fingertips, or her face.
  • I often asked her how she was doing and she talked about how she was feeling and what she was thinking.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • When we tapped on alternate gamut points, Mom talked about exactly what happened that day which led to our being in the ER.
  • When I stopped tapping on those points, she would ask me about my children and we talked about general items, not related to her current trauma.
  • Every time we would go back to tapping on alternate gamut points, Mom would go back to thinking about the trauma event.
  • She finally felt safe enough to feel more relaxed and let go of some of the pain.  We continued to tap on alternate points when she felt uncomfortable again.

As an observer to the process, I am amazed at the power of this technique.  When I work with someone face-to-face, this is my go-to technique in dealing with someone who is feeling overwhelmed with pain or anxiety at the moment.  We just talk about whatever, while I tap alternating gamut points.

Please note that this is a powerful technique in a trauma situation.  If someone is overwhelmed, don’t bring up the traumatic event.  Just tap with some reassuring language, and allow the client to choose the subject of discussion.

Your responses are more than welcome.


PS  For those of you who are not familiar with the gamut point, have a look at the EFT Free Manual.  Find the gamut spot on the image on page 21.

Get-the-EFT-Free-Manual Link

PS.  My mom gives me permission to post about her tapping experiences. (Thanks Mom)


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