Tapping About The Happy Times

I am on a decluttering binge.   Other family members started clearing out their closets and I decided to catch their bug, because I do love closets that are half full and have only the items that I enjoy looking at and wearing.

But why can’t I give away some of the old things, which I will never wear again?  Maybe these clothes represent good times, whether it was the time I shopped for and found the perfect dress for the perfect price, the fun times I had when wearing it, or a feeling of how perfectly it used to fit.

I still get a strong positive reaction when I look at the dress.  I will not give it away until I am ready to say good-by to the dress, and my attachment to it.  After I tap, I might be ready, or I might not:)

When we get to thinking about the good times, it’s because we are still attached to them.  There is something about that time that we haven’t yet ‘processed’ emotionally.

Why do EFT experts tell you to tap for the bad, sad and painful stuff when the Law Of Attraction (LOA) rules insist that we think only happy and abundant thoughts?

The answer is that no matter what we try to think, the painful memories, thoughts images, sounds and feelings stay in our unconscious mind and seep into our thoughts.  These thoughts keep us stuck, and tapping is one way to release our attachment to these thoughts.

We can move towards physical and emotional peace in an integrated way, after we deal with our stuff, rather than trying to sweep it under the rug.

You may feel somehow attached to the memories of the peak moments in your life, those times when you were at your happiest, most joyful and at peace.  That attachment may be holding you back from doing what you need to do to lead your fullest life right now.

If you can discharge some of that attachment feeling, you might find it easier to find clarity and focus on your present issues.  You can stop procrastinating and get started on that task.

Events are tappable if you clearly remember and/or feel somehow attached to them, whether in a good or a negative way.

If you decide to tap on an event, choose a 5 second piece of it to think about, a part which represents the peak feeling.

These are  general examples of the times that you may clearly remember, and cherish:

  • ‘State events’ such as big parties, weddings, etc.
  • The time my mother gave me a hug and a kiss me when I came home
  • The time my father took me to the toy store
  • Coming home from school with a great mark
  • Winning the game
  • When he proposed to me
  • The time my child was born
  • That successful shopping trip
  • The wonderful meal we had together
  • The vacation when everything went perfectly
  • Waking up seeing the sun shining and feeling great
  • Watching the kids play
  • Walking in the park on that wonderful day

Events are usually tinged with a multitude of feelings.  The following thoughts, mostly happy and some uncomfortable, come to mind about any peak event:

  • What I saw
  • What I heard
  • What I said
  • The expression on their faces
  • How I felt
  • How I feel now about that event
  • The thoughts that went through my mind at the time
  • I don’t want to let it go
  • Why should I let it go?
  • I cherish that memory
  • I can never go back
  • What a great time we had!
  • It will never be as good
  • That was a peak experience in my life
  • It was downhill from there
  • It was a wonderful time
  • I loved that day
  • I love thinking about that time in my life
  • I will always remember that time
  • I will save and treasure those memories
  • They serve as source of joy to me now
  • That moment is a template for my happiness

What are the thoughts about your cherished moments that come to your mind?  Tap for all of those thoughts.

Do this exercise every morning for a week or two.  Now see if it is easier to get your task accomplished.

 All the best,

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Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

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