When you are in pain, ask yourself a few questions.  When you ask questions, you are doing trans-derivational searches.

Your Brilliant Unconscious Mind does a healing thing when you ask lots of questions.   You don’t even have to have the answers.  Ask the questions or just read the questions, any questions. Here are a few to start you off:

Right now, how grounded and vibrant do I feel in my body?
·       What am I feeling right now?
·       How severe is that feeling?
·       Where do I feel it in my body?
·       How do I feel it in my body, exactly?
·       Can I attach that feeling to something?
·       Something I saw, heard or did?
·       Is there a sequence of events?
·        Is it seeing or hearing and then feeling?
·       What exactly is that sequence?

·       What does this remind me of?
·       Is it an image?
·       Can I describe the image in words?
·       What are the words?
·       Can I describe the words in an image?
·       What does the image look like?
·       What do I feel when I see the image.
·       What does that feeling remind me of?
·       And how do I describe it?
·       What does that remind me of?
·       And what does that remind me of?
·       And what does that remind me of?
·       What’s a daisy chain?
Right now, how grounded and vibrant do I feel in my body?
·       What is the specific emotion or pain?
·       How severe or mild is it?
·       If it were a color, what color would it be?
·       If it were a shape, what would it be?
·       What texture would it have?
·       What size would it be?
·       Is it moving or static?
·       Is it bright or dull?
·       Is it coming toward or away?
·       If it could talk, what would it say?
·       If it is a voice, what does it sound like?
·       Whose voice is it?
·       Does it get louder or lower, or not?
·       What are the words or the sounds?
·       Where do you feel it in your body?
·       What does it feel like?
Right now, how grounded and vibrant do I feel in my body?
·       Is life fair?
·       Is life safe?
·       Am I safe?
·       Do I deserve?
·       Am I worthy?
·       How do I know?
·       What would happen if I released this?
·       Is it safe to release it?
·       What’s the upside of releasing it?
·       What’s the downside?
·       Who will I be if I released it?
·       Do I really want to be over this?
·       Do I want to hold on to some of it?
·       Am I afraid to lose it?
·       Am I afraid to keep it?
·       Do I have appropriate boundaries?
·       Can I say no?
·       What am I holding on to?
·       What can’t I let go of?
·       What need hasn’t been met?
·       What am I waiting for?
·       What’s my past trauma?
·       What old event makes me squirm?
·       What gives me the shivers to think about?
·       Who is the worst person in my thoughts?
·       Where is the worst place?
·       When is the worst time?
·       Who can’t I ever forget?
·       Who can’t I ever forgive?
·       Do I deserve peace?
·       Why don’t I deserve peace?
·       Who will I be once this is healed?
Right now, how grounded and vibrant do I feel in my body?
·       Is the world safe?
·       On a logical level?

Take a deep breath…And read it again…Ask yourself how you feel…What’s different?

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