Public Speaking Fear

CJ Puotinen, a super woman, who I consider to be my mentor, ran a super EFT workshop last week, and I am still in tapping mode.  I was honored to be invited to act as facilitator at the workshop. That meant that I got to tap with people while they were feeling emotionally triggered, my favorite thing to do.  And some of them even wrote testimonials for my website. Thanks for the opportunity CJ ;)

My back was not happy about the 2-minute talk I gave in front of workshop participants.  So this week we will tap for public speaking issues.

However, feel free to ‘borrow benefits’. Consider any of your own issues, only one issue at a time, rate it on a 1 to 10 scale, and then empathize with me and my fellow public speaking sufferers, as you read and tap.

  • Even though I am not comfortable speaking in public, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though I needed to tap even as I asked CJ if it was OK to get up and say something, I knew that I had smart things to say.
  • Event though, I am a little scared to speak before a group, this was a very friendly group.

  • I am uncomfortable
  • I am uncertain
  • I will lose my mind
  • I will lose my head
  • I will forget what to say
  • I am scared
  • Getting up in front of a lot of people
  • Looking at me
  • Paying attention to me
  • Too much attention
  • It’s just too much
  • Even though I forgot for a moment, I remembered after 5 seconds.
  • Even though 5 seconds is a long time, it passed quickly enough.
  • Even though they were all looking at me, they are nice people who wish me well.


  • I forgot
  • I couldn’t think
  • What did I want to say?
  • Who cares?
  • Even though my back started to hurt as soon as I sat down, it was only for a few seconds.
  • Even though I felt my back, it reminded me of the last workshop when it was much worse after I sat down.
  • Even though it was the same pain as last time, it was better than last time.
  • Even though I connected it with an event from long ago, I need to tap that event again.
  • Pain in my back
  • Connected to an old event
  • Pain in my back
  • Pain in my back
  • It was just remaining pain
  • Similar to the severe pain from the last workshop
  • I can tap on the past workshop
  • I can tap on the past event
  • I can test my fear again in November
  • And them I will know how I really am about speaking before a group.
How are you on your on issue? Is it higher, lower or the same?
There is space below for comments:)
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