Prairie Dogs and 4 Ways To Set Boundaries

22 – THE NUMBER of teeth on a prairie dog.

A FEW EFT practitioners were talking about how they tap with clients who need to jump from topic to topic and have a hard time staying with one thought.  The thoughts get jumbled around like “prairie dogs on a hill”.

Each person is unique, and  the client’s needs of the moment always come first.  But I will often take the risk of losing rapport for the moment to stop them from the “talk, talk, talk” and focus in on one topic.

That’s because tapping is not for multi-taskers.  We tap on one specific issue at a time  (like back pain and the thoughts that trigger the pain).

The people who work with me over time trust me to interrupt them, because they love the feeling of clearing a specific memory or thought, and getting some physical release.

I respectfully bring them back to the original topic.  I will usually orchestrate the pace and direction of the tapping, always keeping the clients needs in mind;  his need for rapport, his need for healing, and his need for high value in exchange for my fees.

And time is the issue here.  I respect my own time and also provide value to my client by providing measurable relief in the most efficient way possible.  Our time together is valuable, and it’s my responsibility, not the client’s, to use that time the best way I know how.  This is not talk therapy:)  We want to address one thought at a time, and we want to address the internal responses to that thought.  I am here to help you do that.

All living beings are bound by time.  My father-in-law used to say that the most valuable asset a person has is his time.  We know it’s true; once the hour or the minute or the second is gone, there is no getting it back.  And we don’t know how many more hours, minutes and seconds we have remaining.

The most successful people in business and in life know how to focus on one thought at a time.  They also respect everyone’s time, including their own.  We admire these traits because they are characteristics of grounded and stable people.

Let’s recommit to following the example of those we admire.  Let’s keep time boundaries and respect the time of others.  Here are four ways:

  • Be on time to meetings and appointments.
  • Come prepared with the materials, knowledge and information expected of you.
  • Make a commitment to end at a certain time.  The commitment to end on time is as important as the one to begin on time.
  • Keep deadlines that you set or agree to.

All the best,


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Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

Ruthi's work is her challenge to those who said: "You will just have to live with the pain." That outrageous prediction spurred her search for a solution to her own back pain. And she has proved them wrong many times over.

Ruthi's clients are frustrated with traditional approaches and are committed to getting lasting results. We use a series of mental exercises to retrain the brain to stop the pain signals, and get relief.

  Sessions are by phone or Skype.  

And here is her guarantee: Measurable results in 3 months, or your money back.

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