Is Your Pain About The Weather? Really?

Whenever I ask a certain elderly friend about how her knee feels, she starts talking about the weather.

She is not changing the subject. Her pains are deeply connected with the rain, the clouds, the sky, and the humidity. And it’s true. At this point, in her mind, it is one big bundle.

If the weather is bright and sunny, her knee tells her that it’s going to rain. If the skys are grey, than that’s why she has pains in the right knee.

This script will begin to untangle the strands of thought that connect your pain to the weather. Please rate your pain on a scale of 1 – 10 and write down the number.

Find a peaceful place and tap while you read the following script out loud:

Even though my body is a barometer, it can actually predict the weather, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I always know when it’s going to rain, I am OK.

Even though gloomy skies mean aching bones, that’s the way it is, without a doubt.

  • It’s about the weather
  • About the humidity
  • Water in my knees
  • Water in my bones
  • Water in my self
  • Dark skies mean pain in my back
  • Aching knees mean it will rain tomorrow
  • One is about the other
  • There is no separating the two

Even though high barometric pressure gives me a headache, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though low pressure gives me a pain in the neck, I am OK.

Even though medium pressure means that it will rain tomorrow because my elbow hurts, it’s always about the weather.

  • It’s always the weather
  • It’s always about the weather
  • What else can it be?
  • How does the weather serve me?
  • What can we do about the weather?
  • We can talk about it
  • You can think about it
  • They can blame everything on it
  • It’s because of the weather
  • I can’t go out because it’s too cold
  • I can’t travel because it’s raining
  • Don’t leave because it’s too hot
  • The weather rules my life
  • What can I do?
  • Can I change the weather?
  • Can I control the weather?
  • It’s the one thing that I admit I can’t control

Even though I can’t control the weather, I have a lock on the rest of my life

  • Not!
  • Not a chance
  • I don’t control the weather
  • I don’t really control much of anything
  • I certainly can’t seem to control my pain
  • And that’s frustrating
  • It makes me angry
  • My body doesn’t listen to me
  • So I blame it on the weather
  • Because who can control the weather?
  • Not me
  • The weather is in charge of my life
  • The weather is in control
  • Of my life

Even though the weather is in control, I choose to let the weather be in control of the weather.

Even though the weather is in control, I choose to feel peaceful about the humidity index.

Even though the weather somehow tells my knee to ache, I wonder why it tells only my left knee, and not the right one.

  • The weather is in control I don’t need to think
  • I don’t want to think I push back my thoughts
  • Because they are too painful
  • I will fly in the wind
  • And let the weather tell me how to feel
  • Do I like that idea?
  • Can I choose another way?
  • Can I allow?
  • Can I feel at peace with the weather?
  • Can the weather be my friend, no matter how wet, dry, hot or cold?
  • Can I allow painful thought to come and go, and recognize them as thoughts?
  • Will thoughts kill me?
  • Will they cause me pain?
  • Can I tap while I allow those thoughts?
  • And let them come and go?
  • And come and go
  • And come and go
  • Until the thought feels OK
  • Less painful In my body
  • More peaceful
  • About my knee
  • And my back
  • And what happened
  • And that person Just allow
  • Can I just allow?
  • The thoughts?
  • To come?
  • And go?

Even though I choose to enjoy the weather, no matter what the weather, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though that seems impossible, the weather is about my pain, I am OK.

Even though I the weather is also about my thoughts, I choose to allow my thought to come and go, as I allow the weather to come and go.

  • Because this can be a process which heals
  • I like that idea
  • Can I choose to enjoy the weather?
  • Can I allow my thoughts?
  • To come and go?
  • Just let them pass?
  • My pain
  • The weather
  • My pain
  • The weather
  • The connection
  • The disconnection
  • My thoughts
  • My pain
  • My pain
  • Thinking
  • Allowing thoughts
  • Healing thoughts
  • Allowing peace
  • Allow my thoughts to come and go
  • To become peaceful
  • So that my body feels at peace.

Take a deep breath. Please notice your pain and rate it on the 1 – 10 scale. Is anything different for you? If you found this exercise triggering that means that it is good tapping material for you. It may be helpful to keep on reading and tapping on the script over and over again, until you feel neutral about it. And, of course, as you tap, allow your unique thoughts to come and go :)


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