Hug a Tree and Feel Better

The tree is the perfect metaphor for the person who:

Is a little flighty at times

  • Feels unstable in times of stress;
  • Worries about what certain people are saying;
  • Ruminates about what certain people may be thinking;
  • Wants specific people to change;
  • Needs certain people to say or do something for them or for another person;
  • At times has trouble developing own opinions;
  • At times needs reassurance from others;
  • At times doesn’t maintain clear boundaries between self and others; or
  • Asks too much of self or too little of specific other people;

If you recognize yourself in the descriptions above:

Think about a tree

  • Imagine hugging, touching, or sitting under a tree, or
  • Go outside and stand or sit under an actual tree
  • Realize that physical and emotional benefits are likely when were are near nature (see Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals)

Think about the roots

  • About how the unseen roots slowly and quietly go about their business of growing toward sources of water and nutrients

Think about the trunk

  • About how solid, stable and unmovable  the trunk is
  • About how the trunk doesn’t change when things happen to the trees around it
  • It just sits there, unaffected by the other trees in the area

Think about the branches, twigs and leaves

  • About how they serve as shelter, food, and resting places to the animals, birds, and insects which land on them.
  • About how the branches, twigs and leaves move a little, but remain in one place, and nurture the living things around it, from their place.
  • About how the leaves come and go, the twigs fall off and grow back and through all the seasons of its life, the tree remains stately, gracefully standing its ground, and providing nurture with whatever resources it has at the moment.

If these points resonate with you, go back to the beginning, tap on your collarbone and read them a few times while you tap.  You might find that you feel a bit more stable in your body and in your outlook.

All the best,



Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

Ruthi's work is her challenge to those who said: "You will just have to live with the pain." That outrageous prediction spurred her search for a solution to her own back pain. And she has proved them wrong many times over.

Ruthi's clients are frustrated with traditional approaches and are committed to getting lasting results. We use a series of mental exercises to retrain the brain to stop the pain signals, and get relief.

  Sessions are by phone or Skype.  

And here is her guarantee: Measurable results in 3 months, or your money back.

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