How Is An EFT Practitioner Like An Optometrist? (A Joke)

HOW MANY optometrists in the US? 34,800.     

An EFT Practitioner tells the client to look at a memory.  They tap and the Practitioner says:

“Now look at that image again.  Is it the clearer, less clear or no change?”


Part 2 of my WOI (Weapons of Influence) article should be ready to roll in the next day or two.  It’s something different, interesting and useful… Well, you will be the judge of that:)

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And how did you like my little joke?



Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

Ruthi's work is her challenge to those who said: "You will just have to live with the pain." That outrageous prediction spurred her search for a solution to her own back pain. And she has proved them wrong many times over.

Ruthi's clients are frustrated with traditional approaches and are committed to getting lasting results. We use a series of mental exercises to retrain the brain to stop the pain signals, and get relief.

  Sessions are by phone or Skype.  

And here is her guarantee: Measurable results in 3 months, or your money back.

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