Complementary or Competition?

Someone asked me if my work was complementary or
in competition with Chiropractors.  I typed up an answer
and I thought I would pass it on to you.

In fact I did have clients who told me that they also went
to an acupuncturist or a chiropractor at the same time as
they were working with me.  Once in a while, I feel that a client needs a physical process to jumpstart our sessions together.

A chiropractor may be treating someone who is emotionally
stressed and may feel that my work would be beneficial to 
jumpstart what they are doing.

In fact I read about another EFT practitioner who regularly
referred to and received referrals from chiropractors whom
she had met at BNI meetings.

My process is complementary to just about any other process.
It can only improve the effects of whatever else, including 
traditional medicine, a person uses.  It’s effects are 
powerful on the upside, and I have never heard of a 
negative side effect.

Just to remind you that I work by phone.
All the best,


Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

Ruthi's work is her challenge to those who said: "You will just have to live with the pain." That outrageous prediction spurred her search for a solution to her own back pain. And she has proved them wrong many times over.

Ruthi's clients are frustrated with traditional approaches and are committed to getting lasting results. We use a series of mental exercises to retrain the brain to stop the pain signals, and get relief.

  Sessions are by phone or Skype.  

And here is her guarantee: Measurable results in 3 months, or your money back.

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