But I Can’t Say “I Accept Myself”

Many tappers are not comfortable, saying, “I accept myself.”  An affirming setup phrase can be so important to the success of a tapping session, that you do want to say something nice, or at least something true.  You can get around the question of acceptance by creating a negative setup statement (“I reject…” ) and adding the affirmation, “and that’s my truth.”

Many new tappers are not used to the idea of accepting themselves, they never even thought about the word “accept” as it relates to their own selves.  Whether or not it is actually true, it feels foreign and uncomfortable to say it in the moment.

I worked with someone who, said that she was comfortable with the phrase, but every time she repeated it, I could see the discomfort in her body, and hear it in her voice.  We needed to try something else, but since she told me she was ok with the words, I didn’t want to insult her by saying that she doesn’t accept herself.  So we bypassed the acceptance word, (for the most part) and changed things around.

Here is a setup script for you to adjust to your individual needs:


  • Even though I don’t accept, I reject fully and deeply,
  • I do want to feel better.
  • Even though I have these pains, I absolutely reject them,
  • and that’s my truth.
  • Even though people think I should accept, I don’t, I am old enough to make my own mind about this, and I reject what’s happening to me,
  • and that’s the truth.
  • Even though he wronged me and I cannot forgive him,
  • I wish I could, for my own sake.
  • Even though, I have no interest in forgiving him, he does not deserve forgiveness,
  • and that is the truth.

Ruthi Backenroth
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Ruthi Backenroth, MBA, Advanced EFT Practitioner, teaches men and women suffering with chronic back pain to get breakthrough relief.

Ruthi's work is her challenge to those who said: "You will just have to live with the pain." That outrageous prediction spurred her search for a solution to her own back pain. And she has proved them wrong many times over.

Ruthi's clients are frustrated with traditional approaches and are committed to getting lasting results. We use a series of mental exercises to retrain the brain to stop the pain signals, and get relief.

  Sessions are by phone or Skype.  

And here is her guarantee: Measurable results in 3 months, or your money back. www.breakthroughrelief.com

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