3 Reasons To Tap For Forgiveness

There is an interesting conversation going on in Linkedin about forgiveness and EFT.  Some people say that it is essential to address the forgiveness issue.  Others take a more mellow approach.  I am in the mellow group.

Once you let go of the emotional aspects of the event, including the sights, sounds, feelings, beliefs, and repercussions related to that event, the forgiveness aspect will feel irrelevant.  It just won’t be important anymore. 

When do I tap for forgiveness?

  • If the client says it’s an issue for him;
  • If I sense that it may be an aspect for the client; and
  • On occasion, to test that the triggering event has been released.

I added the following comment on Linkedin:

I don’t make forgiveness an issue at all unless my client brings it up, or I see a specific reason to do so. It is more about letting go…

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